Monday, 20 July 2009

Three Awards

Well I've had a rotten day, finalising my accounts before I leave the country (I'm self employed, or was). I always kept on top of my accounts until last year when I fell out with the taxman - he charged me Capital Gains Tax on half a house I gave to my daughter 'Deed of Gift'. Why should I pay capital gains tax when I haven't gained anything ???? Anyway from that point on I just threw all my receipts etc. into a Tesco's carrier bag so you can imagine what sorting out that lot was like - pheww - not finished but not far off. Enough whinging and onto the awards.

The first two are from Hanna - my fabulous Norwegian friend. The second one is also from the lovely Sonia.
The third and final award is from my matey Christine three fabulous crafters - just go check for yourselves.

Circle of Friends Award

I shall be a good girl and pass them one straight away this time - to




I would like to give one or all of these awards to all my blogging friends who regularly visit and leave fab comments but I would be here forever. You all know who you are, please, please help yourselves to one or all of the awards - I would especially like you to have the 'Circle of Friends' one.


Hanna said...

Congratulations to your awards, Heather, you do really deserve them!
Hugs from Hanna

Moni said...

Congrats on all those awards, you deserve them! Hugs,Moni

Moni said...

Thank you Heather of thinking of me, I appreciate it! :)
On Friday I am going on vacation, and when I am back will sent you something, hope will be done till then! I believe you will be in Germany that time!
Have a fab day today! Hugs,Moni

Lorraine A said...

Oh my goodness :-) Thanks so much for thinking of me :-) What lovely awards :-)

The little mouse or mice are still alive and well and playing hide n seek LOL !! They must be hiding in between the walls and just come out for meals !! :-)

Sorry you've been havin such a bad time with your accounts ! :-(

lorraine x x

gina g said...

Aww bless you heather thank you so much for thinking of me i really do appreciate it. luv gina xx

How is everything going hope its not to stressful. xx

June Houck said...

Thank you for thinking of me! I love your blog; every card is gorgeous and unique. I treasure our friendship as well and your visits to my blog.

Sending you a big hug,

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