Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Car not Card!!

Well I was super excited yesterday I got my new car and couldn't resist showing it to you!!

The light was going so I thought I'd leave photographing it until the morning -

morning came

and look

It bloomin' well snowed

How DARE it snow on my new car!!!!

It's a bit RED and I don't really suit red but I got such a great deal on it I couldn't possible turn it down. The upside is it fills the German requirements for their equivalent of the MOT and it has an electronic hard top which my old one didn't have.  In my old one if I had my top down on the motorway and it rained I couldn't stop and consequently got I soaked to the skin, but at least I gave people a good laugh.

Are any of you having problems commenting?  I'm constantly getting the message "Server cannot connect to................."  and have to make several attempt to get where I want to go and I just wondered if anyone else is having the same problem.  



Sue said...

Hi hun
gorgeous new red & white card! lol, sue,x

mustavcoffee said...

Hello there Heather, love your new car, how exciting, new wheels. I go all tingly 'cos it's so much fun, shame about the snow but it won't be here all the time and you'll soon be whizzing off and staying dry too, yeah!:0) xxx

Hev said...

Hiya Heather
What I can see of your new car it looks fab. Have fun when the sun comes.
Luv Hev xx

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

wowzer Heather i love the car.... i was in stitches when i read your post.... lol.. have decided to try and leave a comment to see if i can ... or if the problem is on your blog 2....
so if your reading this .. your fine... i can comment... lol

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

hi heather... took me attemps to get post to go..

Lorraine A said...

oohh !!! thats not fair ,,, it shouldn't snow on ya new car !!! tut !! I can't see what it is ,,, cept I can see it's red ,,, :-) am sure its beeautiful tho :-)

Lols x x x

Viv's Visuals said...

Mine's blue!! And I love it!('cept with the summer we had last year I only got to put the lid down about half a dozen times....LOL) But you know you should have put a blanket over her last night to keep her warm!

Julie said...

Well, you see Rica - the Germans would have a problem if you're driving with your top down!! Quite a distraction to other drivers on the road!! Looks fab though!! Juliexx

Vera said...

hahaha this is great :)
nice car ;)
post a new picture when its not snowing again?
hihi, have a great evening!



Paula said...

Looking forward to the revelation. Glad you got one that is OK in Germany too so no driving miles to get MOT etc....... done. Something odd is going on in computer land definitely but I seem able to comment OK. Try switching to Firefox.
Paula (PEP)
PS - your posts are most therapeutic when one is having a rough day!

Sandra1968 said...

I can't help it to read your story about your snow car with a big smile :-)
Congrats on your new car!
And I don't have trouble leaving comments on your blog, but I have to click about 6 times (a few weeks already) when I want to leave your blog. But I'm used to it already, so I don't mind (LOL).
Sweet dreams about your car :-)
Hugs, Sandra

Lou said...

Hi!Ooh lovely,enjoy your new car Heather!!
I have had the odd comment trouble-the worst was that i left Jo one comment and when i looked she had 7 from me(not quite sure what went wrong there)
I have to keep signing in this evening,hope you get sorted very soon.
hugs Lou.xx

Chrissy said...

Oh! Dear, I can just see you driving in the pouring rain with your top down lol.I'm sure when this car thaws out it will be a beauty.
No trouble with server, cant help there.

Leigh said...

Oh dear, but I can see that it has that very very shiney finish where the snow isn't on it. Flash colour. Uuuummmm excuse my ignorance but what happens now...does the snow melt off the car or do you have to get the snow off the car?

angelic crafter said...

What a beautiful car, and beautiful snow too Heather! I wish we got snow here in Queensland, but have to be content with the white sandy beaches instead :0) No problems for me posting- my problem is that my pics that I upload drop off...and well thats the whole point to sharing our creations- to see pics!!! Have fun driving your new car, hopefully the snow will melt off :0) xox Tania xox

Carole of Brum said...

Well, the bottom half of the car looks fab, maybe we'll get to see the rest when the snow melts, he he. Bad luck with the snow but with a car like that who cares about the weather? lol CoB

June Houck said...

Oh, you cracked me up! Your car is so pretty...I love love love red, it's my fave, but I have never owned a red car. Maybe next time, this looks like a candy apple :)

Moni said...

Fab car my friend, enjoy when comes sun. :=) Hugs,moni

Anesha said...

Congrats and have lots of fun,love the red!

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