Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tutorial on using Prima Build a Frame and border stamps.

First cut a right angled square out of a piece of paper.

I use acetate as it makes it easier to see where to place it, it wipes clean and I can use it again, I keep it in the pack with the stamps.

Place the acetate so that the sides of the cut out square touch each of two corners. I photographed this below with the light shining on it so you can see better 

You're also getting the shadow of my plants, lol.

I anchor the acetate with post it notes. I have low tack tape but find it can still disturb the surface of the card.  Stamp one edge, move the acetate round to the next and so on until you have stamped the four sides.

Here you have your frame, not perfect I still need lots more practice.

I'm now going round again with a different stamp.

And here you have the finished article which I will use as the insert to the card in the card when I have distressed and stickled it.

Here is the finished card 

Here is one I started then decided it was too wintery as we are in the middle of July, but it shows you can use them differently and the corners are just part of one of the corner stamps as I didn't want them too large.

This is a photograph of the set, the stamps as they are laid out just fit an A4 sheet of paper, so you can see how large they are. There are two sets and the Simon Says Stamp Store have them both in stock. I only have the one as yet
but I hear the other one is calling my name out so loud I'm going to have to have it.


Sandie said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have quite a few border stamps that would work perfectly this way.. need to blow the dust off of them first :D

Marie said...

Thanks for a great idea. This will be fun to try out!

Paula said...

Thanks for this - I was puzzling over how to do it but hadn't had the time to give it proper thought. Really really helpful.
Paula (PEP)

Moni said...

Thank you for your tutorial. Hugs,Moni

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