Wednesday, 16 June 2010


It's time for WOYWW again. First I'd like to say thanks for all your lovely comments, I didn't get round to visiting too many of you last week as I was in the middle of tiling my kitchen and had my light switches and plug sockets hanging off the walls and it was my priority to get them back before I managed to electrocute myself - hopefully this week I shall be able to visit more of you.

I have a theory, we all have right brain and left brain, we use both but tend to be more predominantly one or the other.
Left brain is the logical, organized side
Right brain is the imaginative, creative side.
We can't work with both at the same time, thus when we are creating we can't be logical and organized which is why most of us have such a mess going for us.

I'm not too bad this week, 
I'm reasonable organised when I start, image there, papers there, then we start to get onto putting it all together which is when chaos starts.
When I get to the embellishing part - total, 
dis-organised chaos takes over.
I'm aiming for organised creative chaos, not dis-organised.
Well - we'll see!!!!!  The card in the middle is ready for embellishing which I hope to finish and post shortly. The Bird Book ? - I was watching some hawk type of birds flying around over the field the farmer is mowing and trying to identify them - as they had forked tails I came to the conclusion they are Kites. No cat again this week - he's out on the balcony, sunning himself.

The tubs are pearls, pear brads and various embellishments. The inevitable coffee cup is there, dangerous really I have been known to knock it over on a finished card - eeeeeeeeek!!!

There's a dragonfly, bottom left, that appeared out of nowhere and I just don't have a home for him, the Tim Holtz distressing tool and some braid left from the card. I did promise a tutorial on braiding, I'd nearly finished it when my computer had hiccups and lost it. I have every intention of finishing it this week. You might also spot a rather large packet of crisps at the top right - my downfall.

My stash cupboards are fairly well organised - a bit untidy but could be worse.

Here is the farmer mowing his grass - not a pretty sight for a hay-fever sufferer, windows will all be closed today, hopefully he'll get his other machine out (haven't a clue what they're called) and hoover up all that grass. I think he stores it as winter fodder for his cows and  this why the Kites were flying about, hoping to spot little mice and voles etc running for cover.

Now I shall go and finish that card and try very hard not to create too much mess - if I didn't make so much mess I'd have more time to visit you all wouldn't I?


Candace said...

All looks very organised to me Heather

Enjoy your day Hugs Can x

Sid said...

Very organised and obviously productive too !!

Our Little Inspirations said...

I only WISH my work area looked this decent! Mine tends to get so cluttered that I find myself working in a 1 square foot area most times! I love the photo of the farmer working his fields, but so sorry you have to suffer through all that. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog too :)

Cheryl said...

this all looks lovely and organised to me hun,so glad too see someone else too has coffee on the go he he i am a great one,for coffee,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Beautiful card :-) love the storage cupboards. Hope your hayfever doesn't play up today
Anne x

Chrissie said...

I think it's a very neat workspace Heather and you could definitely join in with the 'tidy crafters' team this week. Gorgeous card and oh how I'd love to rummage through all your goodies.
Hope the farmer finishes soon so you can have your windows open again.

Lorraine A said...

very clever theory ,,, yup I'll buy that :-) I think many of us HAVE to be messy ! If i tidy my desk ,, my mojo gets put away too ,,, we NEED mess !! part of being arty :-)

Fab desk ,,, lots going on there and fab view from your window ! beautiful :-)

Lols x x

Rosie said...

Heather that's a nice, tidy and well organised working space you have there. Just be careful with that coffee cup - perhaps champagne might be better, after all its virtually colourless!!

Moni said...

Very organised my dear friend! Hugs,moni

Wipso said...

What an organised and busy crafter you are.
A x

Julie M said...

My eye went straight to the coffee cup, Heather!!! Eeek!!!

Love your space, very neat and organised - and lovely light too.

Julie :o)

Victoria said...

oh this is lovely adore your view will do my view next week, love the card on your desk too x

Sue said...

Hi Hun
aww gorgeous card in the making there, luv your staorage usnite, wow what a fantastic veiw from your window, i would be gazing out of it most of the day! lol, No mail?? have good day hun, sue,x

Julia Dunnit said...

Yeah see, you are definately predominantly left brained. Organised this is. If it were my desk, people would think I was away!! Hope the farmer hoover comes soon - what an image!!

Helen said...

It's a great view, shame about the hay fever. Love your craft space.

Darcy said...

I am definately a right sided gal, maybe thats why I am always going round in circles lol

Heather x said...

love the cupboards hun, lots of storage space :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Leigh said...

Laughing at the 'hoovering of the grass' rofl. Your work space looks good to me Heather. Unlike mine where there isn't much room left to craft in at all.

She said...

Lovely crafty space! Gorgeous card. S x

Sunshine Girl said...

Lovely workspace and card.

minnie_mac said...

There's only one thing worse than knocking your coffee cup over your finished card, and that's knocking it over someone else's which I did. Well, actually I only just managed to rescue it unscathed, but was I embarrassed as I tried to mop up the mess on the table. Eek.


Spyder said...

so, you're a 'decorate the card while it's open' type of person. I've never tried that maybe I should, but then, just think of the mess I'd be in when I knock my tea/coffee/paintwater/marmalade over it!

Sue from Oregon said...

loved the peek at your space this week!

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