Tuesday, 20 April 2010

No card - just a drawing and a cry for HELP!!

Look what I found in my son's office - tucked away on a shelf with other stuff - so -  I snaffled it. Now we're having an argument about it - I did it so it should be mine, I gave it to him so it should be his is the way it goes!! 
I did this portrait of Hannah my grandaughter when she was just short of three. I used a photograph that was and still is my all time favourite of her. I love the thoughtful, wistful look on her face.
Perhaps I should try and do another and give it to him - because I'M keeping this one.


Right - here's my cry for help - I really would like to know why I go on blogs to comment and can find no card. I can never see my card on the House Mouse challenge blog - if I ask someone to have a look they tell me it's there and they can see it - I can't. I sometimes can't even see some of my own cards on my own blog.  This is starting to happen more and more often and I really need to do something about it before I can't see any cards anywhere. I've downloaded and updated everything I think would help solve this problem to no avail.

Has anyone any advice - PLEASE!!!


Heather xx


Crafty Chris said...

I have never heard of that before Heather cant help you on that one. but my goodness what a gorgeous portrait, stunning.
Christine x

Danielle said...

WOW! Heather, you are one talented artist! This portrait of your granddaughter is stunning! Mmm, and I don't know how to help you with your photo dilemna - I know when I don't see pics on my blog I right click on my mouse and then click 'show picture'. It usually comes up. I know blogger has been quite tempramental of late when it comes to pics so not sure if it's that or something else. Sorry I can't be of more help. Hope you can sort it soon.
Hugs, Danielle

☼ Cheryl* said...

wow Heather!!! That is fantastic!

Have you cleared your Cache? and have you tried in another browser?

Marie said...

what a wonderful drawing. It's totally amazing! I hope you spend time drawing still not just colouring stamps. It's WOW!
PS Wish I could help you with your computer problems.

crafty creations said...

heather that portrait is beautiful and yes if I was you I would keep it !!!!!

I've been having that problem with seeing pics on blogs too - I usually find that by pressing the F5 - refresh button it brings them in straight away - why - I've no idea

Hugs Hilda

Faerielore said...

WOW Heather i am speechless at your talent, this is such a beautiful drawing, i only wish i could draw and admire anyone who can, this is gorgeous !!!!

i can see all your gorgeous cards but i have no idea how to fix it so you can see them sorry hun xxxx

Christine said...

Hi Heather well you talented lady def..a wowzer drawing & YES should be yours ..why was it on a shelf & not displayed?? your comp. prob. think it must have something to do with you moving...you didnt have the probs before so could blame tinternet service cant think of anything else..not that I'm very techno minded..

Hugs Christine xx

Tracy said...

Being a crafter and being able to draw like that stunning portrait shouldn't you be designing stamps??????? It is so beautiful, keep it!
As for the photo's on blogger he usually returns mine a few hours later don't know why it happens though or sometimes they have come back also with a refresh. Blogger can be a bit of a nuisance.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

June Houck said...

Hi Heather,

Oooooh, you can DRAW!!! This should be yours. What a beautiful portrait of your sweet girl. She must take after her lovely grandmum!

I don't see you card at HouseMouse either. Sometimes blogger is slow (usually) and sometimes (rarely) fast. I wonder if it has anything to do with the number of users, but I really am quite clueless. Sorry I am not of any help.


kim-paperbabe said...

Oh Heather, wow, stunning, gorgeous!!! what a beautiful drawing I love the soft pastel you've captured her wonderful expression! and think you should DEFINITELY do another, I would love to see it!!!
As for the missing pictures really not sure unless your connection is a bit different there! I not sure sweetie! I've been having trouble leaving comments the page just doesn't load and goes to error message...
HuGs Kim :)

Anesha said...

Wow, this is stunning!!! You are so talented. Your photo problem might be blogger as I have had it happen as well but not sure. Have a great day. Anesha

Rhonda Miller said...

What a sweet portrait of your granddaughter.

I wish I could help you, I've never heard of this problem.

Tab said...

Heather your portrait it utterly out of this world, I didn't realise that you could draw, what talent you have. I have got to go back for another look. You need to be a stamp designer with talent like that, incrediable!
Thanks for sharing, honey!
Hugs Tab xxx

Cathy said...

I am utterly speechless Heather (good job I don't talk with my fingers!!) that portrait is amazing, you are an incredible artist.
No idea why you can't see photos ... thats blogger for you!
Cathy xx

Sandie said...

What a wonderful drawing Heather. I don't wonder that your son wants to have it.

I had that trouble with blogger a few weeks back but now I can see the pics. My problem now is that I get it hard to leave comments. I have to copy my comment before I publish, just in case I get error msgs and have to start all over again... very frustrating!!

Moni said...

So gorgeous drawing! Hugs,Moni

Hunnybunnycards said...

What a talented lady you are Heather, this is absolutely stunning!! Keep it!!!

Sorry can't help with the blogger problem, never encountered it myself and I can always see your beautiful creations.


Sharon said...

OMG Heather, that portrait is utterly amazing! What a talent you have. Seriously, I am in total awe. Have your tried a different browser? I use Firefox at home and blogs look very different when I view them through Windows Explorer at work (during my lunch hour of course!)

Evelyn C said...

Heather this is an amazing drawing, you are so talented, what a wonderful keepsake to have. Sorry i can't help with the photo prob, but know blogger has been a bit tempremental lately,i couldn't upload for a few days and now its fine?!gremlins!

scrapperjulia said...

I have the same problem, Heather! I can't see this beautiful drawing that everyone is praising! I open blogs to look at their cards and I can't see them. I use Firefox and WindowsXP. If you find a solultion, let me know, it is very aggravating as you know!

Annette Bowes said...

Stunning Heather, you are one very talented lady!! I am sorry I would be saying its mine!Can't help with you other problem, sorry, good luck in solving it, take careX:)

Rufus said...

I have no clues to offer you about the card picture situation, sorry. But have to tell you that portrait is astounding! I certainly can't blame either one of you for wanting it! What a true talent you have, not to mention an adorable granddaughter!

Julie said...

Rica!!! How fantastic is this!! You are amazingly talented - no wonder I love your cards!! You should definitely keep it, at least for a while- or can't your copy it so at least you have it to enjoy. Absolutely thick when it comes to technical probs - as long as my PC etc works, I don't want to know about all the techie stuff!! Juliexx

Anonymous said...

so nice!!!!
Hugs Elma

Rach said...

you certainly have a talent there girl!!!!
awesome drawing.. and i don't blame you for keeping it.. though i think you should replace it with another.. xx

Squirrel said...

You are SO clever! I wish I could do portraits...

I had a similar problem with not being able to see some pictures, and it turned out to be the banner ad blocking on my internet security. It blocked anything with "ad" in the URL. Have you got anything like that on your computer?

Rosey x

debby4000 said...

WOW this shouldn't be stuck with other stuff, it should be on display its so gorgeous.
Sorry no help with computer probs, I sit with my fingers crossed each day that Mr Blogger will behave.

Sandra1968 said...

Wow, what a beautiful drawing!
And I'm sorry, but I don't have any solution for your computer problem. Good luck with it and I hope someone else can help you.
Hugs, Sandra

Cheryl said...

wow just seen this hun and wow how stuning is this or what gosh hun you are so talented,you should defintatley design stamps as for your problem I too was wondering if it was you internet,as if you do not have enough,memory on your computer or your internet provider only limits you to a certain amount that could be the problem,as it takes an awful lot to load each blog page something i learnt from my computer guys hugs cheryl xxx

Lora said...

OMG!!!! I can't believe you drew this yourself! Well I can because I know how amazingly talented you are but you know what I mean.
This is just amazing! You my dear should be showing off your art a lot more than you do! We will all be waiting for your new line of stamps now lol. But seriously have you never thought about designing stamps or something along that lines?
Sorry can't give you any help with your puter probs, I have the same problem with seeing pics sometimes and it's a pain in the bum.
Hugs Lora xx

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