Sunday, 14 February 2010

Whoohoo - I've cracked it at last!!!

I've spent some time trying to develop a 6"x6" card envelope/box from one sheet of 12"x12" sheet of paper and I cracked it at last. Making boxes bases and lids I find tedious, often they are not the snug it I want and often I stupidly end up with two lids or two bases. I knew exactly what I wanted when I started this but it has taken me some time to get it just right, and I was so thrilled I just had to share it with you.

This is how it's placed on the paper.
I did think about doing it as a download, but that would be a little pointless unless you had a printer that printed 12"x12"
I could do a tutorial on the measurements if anyone is interested let me know.
I did two versions, one a deeper box, one slimmer.

This is the wider one, you will notice that most of the cards I used for display are Magnolia, these are the ones that tend to have the most embellishments on them.

This is the wider and narrower together. I think I will probably use the narrower one mostly but occasionally I go over the top with embellies and will need the thicker one.

This one has a Tilda which has thickish  details, but fits easily together with a double layer of bubble wrap.

This is one with an easel card in, so extra layers of cardstock plus embellishments there. 

This second box took me approxemately 5 mins to makes (a lot less than lids and bases) and most of that was the drawing  from template to paper.
 Excuse the poor photographs, very little light and very much snow here again today and I can't find bulbs for my light tent.
I will probably decorate the box to match the card in future, but meanwhile I'm need to stock up on my plain 12"x12" card as so much ended up in the bin. 
If any of you would like me to provide detailed measurements, please just let me know. I can send them to you individually of do a tutorial if you wish.

Hope you're all having a great weekend, with better weather than we're having here.

EDITED - 16/2/2010
I am now definitely  doing a tutorial for this and intend to post in this coming Sunday 221/2


Moni said...

Stunning boxes Heather, love them! Great idea! Hugs, Moni

Sue said...

Hi Heather
that is brill well done hun, i hate making box's would luv a tutorial or distructions hun, thanks sue.x

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, this is great. I would love a tutorial with measurements, etc... TFS.

Tasha said...

Heather this is fantastic! Fabulous idea -i agree making boxes is a night mare and this is a fab solution - id love it if you did a tutorial with measurements etc
love tasha xx

Beckie said...

How fab Heather. I tried this once but gave up after about 10 pieces of paper. Could you send me the measurements please? Thanks you. xx

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

This is just wonderful!! I would so appreciate those measurments! I hate doing boxes and it is sooo frustrating when your cards just won't squeeze into an envelope :))

Would love the details either as a tutorial or just written down

big hugs Judy xx

Christine said...

Wow Heather whos a clever girl then?? think you need to put a patent on this..LOL you may need to add a piccy tut. on your blog..could do with the info if you have time plz..ta very much...

Hugs Christine xx

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Heather
fab idea would love a tutorial thanks usually I end up buying a jiffy bag because I get so frustrated.
Chris x

Chris said...

Hi Heather and clever you! Your envelope is brilliant and I've been wanting something like this for ages too so I'd love the measurements for it. I see the possibilities of making a cut file for the cricut which would speed things up even more. Thanks for sharing this, it's really appreciated. Hugs, Chris xx

Sandie said...

Wow, that's great Heather! I would really appreciate a tutorial :)

Regina said...

hello, Heather
I have just found this fantastic envelope over the blog hop.
Please, send me the measurements.

Big hugs from a grey and cold Germany

☼ Cheryl* said...

Hi Heather,
wow they are fab. I'd love the meaurements please! I am using ugly brown envelopes cut up to fit the card right now because all envelope tutorials just don't fit my cards but this one looks like it will.
Could I ask where you get your 12"x12" paper from too? I have seen some in craft shops but not in packs and I wonder if they come in packs?
Cheryl x

Marcea said...

Wow, this is fab sweetie. I am really interested in knowing how you made it because I use so many embellies on my cards I really could do with making these too!

Andrea said...

WOW, thank you so much for your tutorial!


Nic said...

Heather, this is fantastic!!! I would love some distructions on how to make this. I keep buying boxilopes as I've never had the patience to figure out how to make them myself.

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

wow.. what a great idea.... i would love a tut done on this.. these would fit in the easel cards i have been makin no bother... insted of using a big envie... and would look so much better in a box....!!!!

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Heather, very clever of you. Glad you perserved even though it took you ages. I have just started using wild orchid crafts roses on my cards and once you use those they dont fit into an envelope. I would love you to do a tutorial with the measurements, as i am sure would many others.
Lyndsey xx

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

Oh this is fab, Heather! I've been meaning to figure something like this out for ages, and never find the time! Well done you. :)

Would love a tutorial or the detailed measurements.

As Chris said - a Cricut cut file would be a great possibility.

Riet said...

Ohhh wowww Heather,what a beautiful box,s.

Hugs Riet.xx

Julie said...

This is fantastic, Rica! I'd love the measurements or a tut, whatever's easier!! Clever you to work it out - I don't have the patience (ok, or the know how!!). Juliex

Tracy said...

Yep i'd love the tutorial too, such a fab creation, and the depth is ideal for all those lovely flowers we like to add.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Geneviève aka Muscade said...

Wonderful! I would love the measurements or a tutorial.


Hunnybunnycards said...

Fabulous Heather, who's a clever girl!!! Would love a tutorial if you have the time (and patience!).

Well done


Wilma said...

fantastic Heather - either a tut or the measurements - i dont mind - well done you!!:) xx

Cheryl said...

oh this is briliant hun love the paper you have used too great idea I make boxes for mine to fit in which i find easy too do especially if you have a scoring board but love your design on these so would love to know the measurments hugs cheryl xxxx

Pattie G said...

Heather, this is wonderful! I would be interested in a tutorial or you can em-mail me the instructions also.


PS You are so creative!

Marisa said...

Hi Heather, well done, you! I would love the instructions for the envelopes. I quite often minimise the embellishment I use, only because of the problem of posting the cards, so your idea is fantastic.

Marie said...

It would be great to find out how to make your clever "enveloboxes". How sweet of you to want to share with us not so patient people. :=))
Have a good day!

Jackie Thomas said...

Well aren't you clever Heather. I would dearly love to see a tutorial on this. Love it. xo Jackie

Anonymous said...

Well done Heather! The envelope looks quite good

Kate said...

I think it's already been said by 29 other people but, measurements please, I'll say it anyway. ** Kate **

tracy said...

What a perfect solution for bulky cards I would love the tutorial details please Rica.
Tracy x

Sharon said...

This is fantastic Heather - I would love the measurements or a tutorial.

Janette said...

Brilliant idea and would love the measurements,so hope you do a tutorial....I suffer with the same problems....2lids or get some right,just hard work.x

Hanna said...

Heather, this is totally brilliant!!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing idéas.
I would love if you wanted to make us a tutorial. :o)
Hugs from Hanna

Lorraine said...

Oh I would love these, could you do a tutorial in cms as I have the new scor pal metric. Thank you very much for offering to do this for us.

Nicole Bailey said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! can't wait for the tutorial!!!!

mycardz said...

OMGoodness! You deserve an award. Look out Martha Stewart. How awesome Heather! I can't wait for the tutorial. I really NEED to learn how to make these! Thank you VERY much. hugz, Mary

America said...

OH MY GOODNESS heather!! DO you know how much Ive struggled with this issue of my square cards NOT fitting into my endless stashes of envelopes bought and homemade alike??? Seriously, this is great!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! PLEASE DO SHARE a tutorial... come on, spill the beans.... how did ya do it, what are the exact soring emasurements.... waiting... waiting...still waiting, most patiently waiting for this wonderful find of yours.... :)

Sarah A said...

Great! I spend too much time faffing around making boxes so will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for your tutorial on this!


Sarah x

Dawn said...

Oooh you clever crafty lady!!
This looks BRILLIANT Heather, can't wait for the tutorial!!!


Kay's Creative Corner said...

Can't wait to see you tutorial on that envelope. What a clever idea..

mamaluke said...

Thanks for the inspiration, I was just about to go down the route of resizing my cards so I could buy boxes for them! I've just made one by marking my cutting mat so I score 4" 7/8 and 5" 3/8 in from the corner of a 12x12 and then snipping the 'bits' out and folding up. Don't know if that helps?

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