Monday, 25 January 2010

No card - An Award instead

Well first day at work today
Cars sold - NONE
Commenting done - quite a few but not as many as I'd hoped due to German computer talking German to me. Understood some, but not all so closed my eyes - hit a button and hoped for the best. The German keyboard did slow me down but not too much, probably wrote quite a bit of gobledegook - but what the hell!!
Self discipline - pretty good, only went wandering off on one link, mind you it did cost me $20.
Just hope it's not so cold tomorrow - so draughty  with temperature at -8.

 On to my Award

Thank you to both my Swedish blogging friend  Hanna  and
Christine for this fabulous award.  I appreciated this from two extremely talented crafters. Check out their blogs, or if you have the Magnolia Ink magazine you will find Hanna's cards featured as she is one of their DT's and at 14 years old!!!!!
As with all awards this it has conditions which are, I have to tell
you 10 (only 10????) things that give me pleasure  and then pass it on to 10 others

1 My life, which basically says it all, but I suppose I will have to give you at least another nine.
2 My family
3 My friends
4 Making cards
5 Colouring images, could spend all day everyday doing this, particularly love using Copics and distress inks
6 The host of really amazing friends I have made in blogland and the love and caring they show
7 Gardening (although I haven't got one here in Germany but my balcony will be full of  plants before the summer is over.
8 Holidaying in HOT countries where I can explore, get to know the people and the culture.
9 Cooking (especially foreign dishes) which is fortunate as I love eating!!
10 Reading and listening to music
11 Chester my moggy (when he's not sat in front of the TV or computer screen).

And now for my 10 chosen ones !! (in no specific order)


Wilma said...

Thanks Heather and no I am not being sarcastic LOL!! i will think about this overnight and see what i can come up with!! :) xx

Chris said...

Well done on the award, lovely read your 10 and first day at work, my goodness, I do admire you for your total change in everything! I'm sure the sales will come and getting used to the keyboard too although that sounds like fun not LOL. Take care sweetie and have a good week. Hugs, Chris xx

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Heather, Thanks for thinking about me, OMG -8 Looking out at my car I can see it is icy but hopefully nowhere near -8 its too cold to go out and check, heating on and trying to put a card together, my cat was in earlier and had a good old play he is still in playful mode, needs to visit the vet to cool him down a bit if you know what I mean.
Thanks a lot Christine x

Squirrel said...

Thank you sweetie! I've never had one of these before so I need to do some thinking.
What happens if I don't have 10 blogs to pass it on to?
Rosey x

Anneke klerks said...

hi Heather,
concrets to you to hve a award
Now, Thank You for given it to me
I take him with me


Moni said...

O my dear friend, thank you for lovely award, will put on my blog! Hugs,moni

Sandra1968 said...

Congrats to your award and thanks for passing it on to me :-)
I really enjoyed reading your answers. And now I have to think very good about mine LOL. I'll put it on my blog soon.
Have a nice day!
Hugs, Sandra

Anesha said...

Thanks Heather for including me in your list. Will try and pass it on real soon. Hugs Anesha

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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