Friday, 11 September 2009

Right - OWN UP - Who done it???

Whose pinched my hits ??? Why have they gone from 38, 900 (roughly) to 12,000 (again roughly) what's happened, where've they gone, how do I get the back (can I get them back)???
Rest of my blog candy has arrived - at last - so I was creating a post and listing the reasons for the candy, thought I check my hits - scrolled to the bottom of the page  to check hits and thought  ooh 40,000 coming up soon that's one reason together with thanks to all my friends and followers for supporting me during my neglect whilst moving and to celebrate my move to a new country.
I'm sort of sat here stunned now, I feel cheated (bit childish I know)  but if anyone can help please let me know.
Having got that off my chest I will photograph the candy in the next day or so and post it over the weekend.


Moni said...

Hi Heather, sorry to hear about blog problems, I got them too, few months ago, I just add new counter with hits that I remembered! :)
Have a fab weekend! Hugs,Moni

Sandie said...

oooh, that's not fair!! Maybe you got so many hits that it's zoomed arourd the clock a 2nd time.. just like a car?!

Sorry :( I can't help, I've never heard of that happening before :S

Diane.W. said...

I was soooo upset yesterday,I had almost 48,000 now I'm down to under 12,000!!!
Past experience has taught me not to touch anything & they will come back,one day!!! ;o)x

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

This happened to ma too. I was about the 33,000 mark and it went all the way down to 10000. So I reinstalled the widget and set the counter starting at 33,000. I don't know why these weird things happen???

Judy xx

Lora said...

When you find the culprit will you let me know becuase my counter has sat at 5,000 ish for about 6 months! It goes up 1 or 2 every few weeks lol.
I know I'm a loner but I think I get a few more visitors than that!
Hope you are well :)
Hugs Lora xx

debby4000 said...

You're not alone, I can't believe I've lost thousands of hits.

Janet said...

Maybe they got donated to me! I noticed yesterday that my counter, which should've been more like 1100 & it's actually over 11,000. Now I'd like to think I'm that popular but I know that's not an accurate count.

stephanne said...

Okay, okay, it was me, I just get so lonely, and at times, jealous. Just kidding. Weird though. I recently noticed on my profile, not a widget counter, the number of views had gone down, I was perplexed, the same feeling as someone "unfollowing" you. Strange. Well, I hope things right themselves soon :(

Chrissie said...

Reading this made me check my own counter Heather only to find it's disappeared......I'm devastated!!

Dawn said...

Double Grrr! I totally lost mine - disappeared totally - only a box with a red cross left, Had to get a new counter from another source.. It's so maddening!

Ikki said...

Ditto! I know what you mean about being cheated. We work real hard for these hits and sure as hell don't want to lose them! I've installed another one from a different site because I've had probs before. Call me childish - I don't care - I enjoy playing and colouring! ikki

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