Thursday, 2 July 2009

No Card, just a big old moan!!

I have just about reached screaming point.
Today was my first day not working so I thought RIGHT - I'm not going to do any packing or sorting I'm going to have a blogging day and do a lot of catching up. HAH!!! - Mr Blogger obviously thought different. Everything was so slow and kept freezing, crashing and eventually ground to a complete halt. I couldn't even get back on line for ages. Back to sorting and packing I went. Now exhausted and ready for bed Mr. Blogger has let me get back on line. Perhaps I should remove Googel as my home page!
My grandson, who has been living with me for the past 9 months has just got a place of
his own so I am helping him to move as well as trying to move myself, then to cap it all
my brother 'phoned to say he is coming up for a few days. There's goes my catching up
until next week.

Have you ever felt like standing in the middle of the road and shouting
"Why me - this is MY life - leave me alone" that's just about how I feel at the moment,
so off to bed I shall go hoping a good nights sleep will create a different frame of mind
in the morning.


scrappyjan said...

Oh Rica, Yes, I have felt like that many times as of late. LOL....
I am sorry you have had a crappy day! Hoping your tomorrow will be much better. big hugs, janny

Danielle said...

Oh Heather, I hope you manage to have some time to yourself and get yourself some 'you' time!! Blogger has definitely been up to some bad tricks of late so hopefully he'll sort himself out, lol!! I hope a good nights sleep makes you feel better in the morning!
Big hugs, Danielle

stephanne said...

Let it out, just let it out... I'm thinkin' this "me time" I've been hearing about is a crock... And Mr. Blogger hasn't been cooperating for anybody lately, he and Mr. Linky have teamed up and gone on vacation. Have your brother help you to pack!!

jude said...

Oh Heather ,
i had afew days last week ended up having good old cry let all my stress out.Hope things start to improve and all the moves go accordingly.At least Your brother will be an extra pair of hands to help you pack!
big hugs judex

Karen said...

Blogger was doing that yesterday to me too.
Aaaawwww Heather I hope you have a better day today.

Love Karen x

Moni said...

Good morning Heather, hope you had great dreams!
Sorry to hear about internet and blogging problems. Hope it is ok now! Have a fab day! Hugs, moni

Anesha said...

Oh Heather, sounds like things are getting on top of you at the moment. Deep breath and hope you can carve out some time for yourself.
I do understand how you feel, hang in there it will turn around.
Answer to your question, yes, will have to get a new camera but in the mean time I will use my big one (with my torn shoulder muscle, I need to be careful lifting it. Hope you have a better day today.
Hugs Anesha

Kim Piggott said...

Heather I am so feeling your pain here!
kim x

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