Saturday, 18 July 2009

Disaster and an Award.

I spent the whole of yesterday cleaning my house so it would be all fresh clean and sparkling for the viewers I have coming this morning. I was shattered when I'd finished so thought I'd curl up and do some blogging - that's when disaster struck - my mouse died!!
I went into panic mode as I thought initially my whole computer had gone to the great resting place of computers in the sky. Finally managed to trace the problem to the mouse, so the first job on my list once my viewers had left was to get myself a new one.

Now onto the award. This from the fabulously Sue who not only shows fantastic cards and amazing photographs but is so funny - a visit to her blog is guaranteed to put a smile on my face - go see for yourself. Thanks sweetie - really appreciate this.

Now the hard bit - I always find passing awards on so difficult - I want to give it to everyone, but it takes so long I shall restrict it to 10. Here goes -




Right - that's taken me ages, now I'm off to make a card, my mojo's calling me - will be back later.


Moni said...

Hi Heather!
Congrats on the award, and thank you of thinking of me! I appreciate it! Hugs, moni

Christine said...

Hi Heather congrats on your AWARD & THANK YOU for your kindness, love your new look blog & your piccy....glad it was just your mousey that died.....

hugs Chrisitne xx

Sandie said...

Awww, thanks Heather :) That's really sweet of you. I'll be happy to add it to my blog!!

So glad to hear it was just the mouse and not your computer that was at fault. (I thought it was a pet mouse you were talking about at first *blush*)

scrappyjan said...

Heather, I swear I just about killed myself laughing at your story!!!!!!!! Sorry but I was picturing you freaking out and it reminded me of about a month ago when my whole computer died!!! Talk about panic!!!! I am glad it was just your mousie and all is well now.........:o)

Thank you for passing this award onto me sweetie!! You are so kind. I hope that your weekend is great!!! hugs, janny

Anesha said...

Congratulations on your award and glad it was only your mouse that died and not your computer. Good luck with viewings. Anesha

nessy said...

big congrats on your award ~ thankyou so much for thinking of little old me!!
vanessa xx

theneon said...

Heather! I am glad that your disaster was a little one and easily resolved and I am glad that your award was so lovely and that you have included me in the passing of it. Hmmm, a passing of the mouse and a passing of the award? == Two very different things eh? Thanks so very much -- this means a lot to me -- coming from you. Some day I hope to have as powerful a mojo as you!

Di said...

Oh Heather so sorry there was a mix up! and i didnt get yours first, but its so lovely to be thought of Thankyou so much i will add you to my award!

Thanks hun i really appreciate it!


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