Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Eye Candy for the lovely Tara

Here you are Tara ((((waves)))) especially for you - 'Hunky Gary Barlow'.

What an amazing concerts Take That put on - this latest one - The Circus is totalling amazing. We were so lucky with the weather, fine and sunny to start but not too hot - perfect outdoor concert weather. I took loads of photgraphs but unfortunately because it was dusk they're not brilliant. Here are just a few of the better ones, finishing with fabulous fireworks.

Tara's piccy.

Just look at that amazing elephant on which they arrived on stage.

Oh - those eyes!!!

Ohhh!!! an experience to be remembered - must get the DVD now.


Sue said...

Hi Heather,
oh brill piccies hun, looks like you had a brill time, sue.xx

Moni said...

Great pics, fab firework! Hugs, moni

June Houck said...

I still love, and play almost daily "Back For Good." I LOVE that song!!!

Glad to see they have reunited :)

Di said...

AAAARRRRRHHHH you lucky thing these photos are amazing! looks like a fab time was had!!

Hugs Di xxx

Tara said...

What a fantastic friend you are - you certainly know how to get me going, lol! Can you believe I should have been going last night but had to sell my tickets because I needed the money ;o( Can't believe we nearly had the opportunity to meet up!! Thanks for the eye candy - YUM!! xx

scrappyjan said...

OH this looks like it was a BLAST! Glad you had a great time.... now have a great day, :o)

Sandra1968 said...

Wow, must have been amazing to be there! :-)

Katy said...

Gorgeous pics Heather!! looks like you had a fab view, very jealous!! :D


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