Thursday, 19 February 2009

Update on 'Poorly' finger

Update on finger - it's broken - (stupid finger) - now it's strapped to the next one to support it. The longer bones are OK, apparently it's the knuckle that's either cracked or displaced, and if it's not better within a week or 10 days I have to take it to the hospital.

I'm supposed to rest it - haha!! I had nothing but facials, aromatherapy and hot stone massages at work - I can't do those with two fingers strapped together so I had to take the strapping off - WOW - did I notice the difference. Cleaning the bathroom became pretty impossible too - a friend suggested I wear rubber gloves - nice though but I think her brain was 'hurting' .

I decided not to do any challenges this week, just concentrate on my DT cards and catch up on commenting. So - can I now apologise to anyone who has received strange comments from me - typing and hitting the right key, infact just hitting one key is is virtually impossible and it's taking me forever to just leave one comment (LOL)


Helena said...

OOH dear!!!! Hopefully you will be back crafting soon!!!


Sam said...

Ouch.... hope you are taking it easy- doesn't sound like you can tho! Mind your finger on that catalogue ;-) I am beginning to know the pages off by heart, how sad is that?
Sam x

Martine said...

oh rica hunni, i am sorry to hear about your finger, please dont stress yourself over your card this week, let your finger mend first



Mina said... poor thing...try your best to rest it as much as you can xxx

Nicky said...

Oh I hope it gets better soon. But I now how frustrating inforced rest can be!! Take care

de said...

I was just wondering how your finger was and now I know! I was on my way here to ask... I'm so sorry its so bad! But you better listen to the doc and take it easy so you aren't dealing with it longer or do serious damage! Behave yourself lady!

Please take care and I hope you are back as good as new in no time!

Leigh said...

Oh no, hope your finger is healed soon. I wouldn't worry about cleaning anything but not to be able to make cards, that would be a disaster.

Sue said...

Oh Ouch Heather, hard to craft with i bet, hope it soon on the mend, hugs, sue.xx

Moni said...

I am soory to hear about your finger, hope it hills quick! Hugs, Moni

Lorraine A said...

What did I tell ya !!!! :-)
me being a nurse/midwife married to an orthopaedic surgeon you tend to pick up on things ! :-)
Try to keep it strapped as much as poss if you don't the bones will move and apart from hurting it will take longer to heal cos the bones will move and not have the chance to knit together :-(
Am surprised you re still managing to make such fabby cards ! :)

Ann said...

Oh Heather so sorry to hear about this - for goodness sake let your finger heal. I'm sure the design teams you are on will understand. Don't make things worse than they are already.

don't forget to email me your address soon.

Ann xxx

Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

Oh Heather, you poor love. I hope it gets better very soon hunny, it must be so painful for you.

Take care of yourself and be pampered - make the most of it ;o)


Jo x

Kim Piggott said...

Ow ee that looks painful!
So hope that it gets better soon just take it easy.
kim x

Faerielore said...

oh dear OUCH !!!!! hope its feeling better soon darling, youll soon be crafting again in no time xxx

Diane.W. said...

Ouch!!! I hope your better very soon,take care :o)x

Anesha said...

Oh Heather so sorry for your broken fingers. Hope you heal real soon. I know how hard it is to rest when you have to and don't want to!!!
Take care of yourself. We will not have an internet connection for a while so talk to you later.
Heal soon.

tracy said...

arrrhhh Rica sorry to hear your fingers are a bit poorly thanks for the lovely comments on my blog get better soon.

Karen said...

Oooohhhh hope you manage to get it sorted without too much pain.
Take care.

Love Karen xxx

Ikki said...

What a......nuisance. Will miss your inspiration. Sending you a big hug, ikki x

Maria Matter said...

Oh My! That's awful! Sending quick recovery prayers your way! Hope you're not in pain with it!!!
Take care!
Blessings, Maria

Katy said...

Sorry to hear about your finger Heather you don't realise how much you rely on them for everyday tasks!


Chrissie said...

I was so sorry to hear that your finger is actually broken! For goodness sake let it heal and forget about doing things that might aggravate the healing process, even if it means abstinence from card making for a short while!
Get well soon!

my5bratz said...

bummer...i broke my pinky one and had it strapped to its fun...get better soon :0)

Jane said...

Ouch Heather, thats gotta hurt, get those healing stones on it hun.
Loved looking through your blog as always
Take care of you

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

ACK.. .Oh my goodness you poor thing. I hope it heals fast! Try to not work it too much so it will heal!

Dawn said...

Awwww Rica
We kinda thought it was broken... but you should be resting it - how on earth did you manage to work - it must be so sore...

Hope you don't have to go to hospital though - take it easy my friend!!



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