Thursday, 22 January 2009


Imagine my amazement at being asked would I be willing to be featured on the
Inspiration Craft blog
What a silly question - would I - I certainly would!!! I was speechless, over the moon, elated and choked with emotion at being asked to appear with such talented crafters.
If you've never visited the site do so - you will be amazed at the wonderful creations you find there. They also have a Inspiration Tip and Techniques section with wonderful tutorials with some really 'fun' creative ideas.

Inspirational Craft Blog


Dawn said...

Aww glad you are over the moon!
Hope you liked the cards I chose!


Mandi said...

Well done Rica...well deserved hun xx

Tara said...

Fab news Heather, well done you!! A great week for good news heh?
I'm off to have a look now! xx

Barbara said...

Congrats to you, little lady!!!
They are lucky to have you and your creative mind and inky fingers. You are ALWAYS an inspiration....ALWAYS!
----> I've been MIA with my posting but I'm popping in regularly to see what you've been creating. ;-)
When I speed my computer up a little bit, I'll make my presence known more frequently again....I'll be a "posting pest"
Hugs to you.....and again....CONGRATS! You ARE awesome!

Chris said...

Big congrats Heather! Your cards are stunning and I'm so glad you've been featured on Inspirational, it's so well deserved. Hugs, Chris x

Ann said...

I can't believe it's took them so long to find you Heather.

Congratulations - so pleased for you.

Ann xxx

Heather "Hev" said...

Congratulations Heather :)

What an amazing honour for you :)

Faerielore said...

oh wow hun congratulations that brilliant news, im going over to the site to have a nose, but im in no way surprised they what you feature your cards, they are stunning xxxxx

Moni said...

Congrats, I think you deserve it! Hugs, Moni

De said...

Congrats! You so deserve it!

Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

Yippeeeeee ! Fantastic news ! I bet you are still jumping up in the air ?! Many congrats - you deserve it - a very talented lady who is fantastic along with it !

Huggles to you,

Jo x

Chrissie said...

Such wonderful news Heather and this is so well deserved because your cards are just gorgeous!
I always enjoy visiting the Inspirational blog but it will be even better to see your cards featured there.

Bev said...

Woohoo! WTG hun - it;s so well deserved. CONGRATS!!!!

hugs Bev x

Georgia said...

Hi Heather - Georgia again!
There's something on my blog for you...

Ikki said...

As you say "Wow - what an amazing honour!" Proud of you kid! and I know you'll do them proud! oxox Eileen

Chrissie said...

Congratulatons Heather, and might I say richly deserved!
Wonderful news!

melody said...

i was just over there at inspirational..and saw your work ~ so inspirational chickie! and congrats

Maria Matter said...

How cool is that, way to go!
Blessings, Maria

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