Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I've been having computer problems (yet again!!) My 'electrics' had a hissy fit during yesterday's snowstorm and my computer crashed.
Since then I could not get my House Mouse posting to link - I tried everything including editing the Html to no avail so ultimately I started from scratch and reposted it. If I've caused any confusion - SORRY!!!
One or two people had left comments and unfortunately these also ended up deleted.
Believe me I love and value each and every comment and I appreciate the time you take to make them so if your comment was deleted I apologise and am so sorry.
The only thing I have to work out now is why my dashboard, posting page etc. are in miniature or I shall be ending up with eyestrain, headaches or both (lol).


Bev said...

Oh what a bummer Heather - hope you get it sorted soon

hugs Bev x

Larissa said...

Hi Heather

Sorry to hear that you are now having problems with your computer. Hope everything will be good soon!


Ikki said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear this, but quite sure (knowing you and your skills) you'll have it sorted sooooon...well hope so cos I'd miss you. xx ikki

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