Monday, 15 December 2008

No Card - Just an apologie

A quick post just to apologize for my lack of visits and commenting. I am having some PC problems at the moment, which have slowed me down to a virtual halt. When I try to visit a blog I get "Internet Explorer cannot display this web page" once or twice (sometimes 3 times) before I get where I want to be. Once there sometimes it lets me leave a comment, sometimes not.
I left a link on the House Mouse challenge blog - just checked to see if it was OK and it took me to a "World Mega Group for Bible Studies", I tried again and the same happened. I've definitely got Gremlins in my works at the moment. I have ended up on some weird and wonderful blog sites this past couple of weeks, I can tell you, but unlike Eileen at Ikki's Corner it hasn't taken me to any porn sites yet. (Lol)


Diane.W. said...

Poor you! I'm feelin it with you,lol!!! Just what keeps happening to me,but no dodgy sites!!! :o)x

De said...

Love what you've done to your blog!

Have you tried downloading FireFox and trying that? I have been having a lot of problems with IE as well of late and I have FireFox and it works great. I go back and forth just because I'm so used to IE, but FF works when IE doesn't seem to!

Good luck & Happy Holidays!

Chrissie said...

So sorry to hear about the PC problems Rica, I do hope things get back to normal for you very soon.

theneon said...

Keep smiling! I'll be standing by anxiously awaiting your next post (happy) which says all is well. Happy Holidays. Martha Kay

joey said...

oh rica, I do hate pc problems and internet connections and all of it when they play up grrr, hope it is fixed soon! theres a little something on my blog for you. joey xxx

Anonymous said...

your blog is lovely hunni and your cards are fantastic, i was wondering if you'd like the chance to become a DT member for carlzcardz, more info is on my blog Carly xx

Dawn said...

Aww Rica - tell me about it!
I had these pop ups all the time and I actually ended up with a Trojan virus - eventually got it cleaned (well supposedly) and was told I had over 30 viruses!!!
who knows - you just have to take their word for it - but it's not going any faster in fact it seems slower - Grrrr!!
I got those Bible Study pop ups sometimes when I clicked on a US blog.
Hope you get it sorted soon - it's terrible!


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