Monday, 8 September 2008

Tilda & Co Challenge

Oh! have I had problems making this card. Everything was going really well until my cuttlebug 'exploded' - there was one horrendous crack and one of the side panels shot across the room. It does crack a little when I use dies but this was like a gunshot - phew! - I practically had a heart attack. I put it back together and thought - that's OK, but no it wouldn't do anything. Fortunately I'd done all I needed to, so I packed it away to take back to the shop.
So I returned to making the folder for the challenge - then ooops - I stabbed my finger with the craft knife and got blood all over it. Undaunted - I started again - this time success.
Right I thought, now to put the 'topper' on it, but this had completely disappeared!
I spent about an hour searching for it, the rubbih bin, my waste paper basket, my flower box and papers which I had put away in case it had stuck to something else.
It turned up the next morning - I'd been wearing it - it was stuck to my trounsers -derrrr!
I decided it needed something extra so I used stickles on Tilda's wings, then forgot it hadn't dried and smeared all over her face, fortunately I managed to scrape it off and eventually the folder was finished. Phew!!!!!!
Never has a card taken so much time and so much effort - I hope whoever receives it really, really likes it.

The basic cs is bazill. The paper is from Dream Crafts but I can't remember who it's by. Tilda is coloured with watercolours . The ribbon is from Poppicrafts and the flowers are Prima from Cuddly Buddley


Pauline said...

Phew!! You've had an eventful day. Still you managed to create a great card. You always come up with these great colours. And I must congratulate you on your new look background; very tasteful. Are you going to keep it?

Louise, that's me!! said...

Well it was so worth all the effort! Totally gorgeous.

Ann said...

Can't believe that you had so many major disasters and the card still ended up looking absolutely gorgeous. Take care today - don't do anything dangerous like cardmaking! Ann xxx

Sharon said...

Goodness, what a series of disasters. I'm afraid I would have given up and had a cup of tea and several chocolate biscuits!! But it was worth it - the card is lovely.

Sharon x

Tiffany Johnson said...

This card is gorgeous! Sounds like you were a bit hard on that cuttlebug of yours ;) Couldn't live up to your standards...heehee!

Ikki said...

You deserve a gold medal for completing this card, and my oh my did it turn out well despite your efforts to sabotage it. lol. Really bril result. Ikki

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