Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Our Creative Corner Challenge

I knew exactly what I was going to do when I started this card. But this is not, nor anything like the card I intended. Perhaps because I am Pisces (two fishes swimming in the opposite direction) - the creative fish takes over from the thought one.
Although I was distracted when I started - I have two cream sofas - and had just washed the covers when my darling litte cat (Chester) came in with muddy paws and walked all over one of them. Still cream sofas with animals is a little 'foolish' I suppose.
I was puzzled as to where to put the Happy Birthday - and would be grateful for any suggestions on alternatives as I'm not sure about it.
Basic cardstock: Maroon leather look and green pearlised
Papers: Paper Adventure - Baby Blue swirls and Baby Polkadots
The rest from stash.


Tiffany Johnson said...

I love these colors!!! The flower in the middle looks so pretty :)

Ann said...

I absolutely adore the colours on this Heather - you seem to have an amazing talent for linking colours. I'm useless - hence loving black and white and silhouettes. Can't think where else you could put the 'Happy Birthday' - you could always leave it as an open card with just the bow.

Pauline said...

How did I miss this card; it's gorgeous, Heather, well done. Love the colours and layout.

Barbara said...

I'm cruising around your blog and I just saw this gorgeous card....I love it! The colors are unique and look awesome together.
Great job!!

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