Friday, 11 July 2008

Where has the last fortnight gone? Having been a crafter of one sort or another for many years I decided it was time to become more interactive with other crafters, hence this blog. Why I had to start at the busiest time at work (the holiday period) heaven only knows. That, plus the fact my house has decided to fall down around my ears (well that is a slight exaggeration) but my washing machine 'packed in', two fires 'died' on me, my drain blocked up and when I went to open a drawer, the front fell off and everything tumbled out. The drawer happened to be one where I keep my stamps, inks and other crafting gear, so you can imagine the mess. It probably fell apart from overuse. I have a whole one and a half days of work this weekend so hopefully I can post some more cards and do a little more work on my blog.

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De said...

Hi Rica! I wasn't sure where to leave my post but I'm part of the Sistah'hood #21 and wanted to say hi!

I really love your cards!

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