Thursday, 23 December 2010

My Favourite 5 Favourite Christmas cards from 2010

The lovely Debby has challenged us to post our 5 favourite Christmas cards of 2010, not only that she has candy for the randomly chosen winner - what are you waiting for?

Well Debby here we go - in no particular order  -

Because I loves my 'mousies'

I also love my little hHanglar girls

I also love white cards and this one was such a dream to create

This one is a tea-light card which I also loved creating and turned out so much better than anticipated

I realise I'm choosing the ones that were a sheer delight to create -
 Mousies again

My favourite ever WOJ image - I couldn't possibly leave out Willow with lantern
Hm.............I know there are 6 (I had about 8 there originally) - what I would like you all to do is tell me the number of the card I should eliminate so that the lovely Debby doesn't disqualify me.
I have noticed how 'blue' I am this year - really need to get out of this habit.

Hm.............I know there are 6 - what I would like you all to do is tell me the number of the card I should eliminate so that the lovely Debby doesn't disqualify me.

I Hope you all have an amazing Christmas filled with lots of fun, love and laughter.



Tracy said...

As I am a House Mouse addict you can't eliminate one of those and I really love all your cards but I will opt for number 2 as you have 2 Hanglar creations.

They are all really beautiful Heather.
Happy Christmas
Tracy x

Cathy said...

Gorgeous cards Heather ... I couldn't trim past 7!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011.
Cathy xx

nessy said...

they are all just so gorgeous ~ how can you leave one off??? debby can close her eye to one!!
wishing you and your family lots of wonderful christmas surprises!!
vanessa xx

Joey said...

Hiya Hunny

these are all stunning, I have just sat and admired your colourwork!!! just amazing, eeeeek take one off?! your asking us! after much staring lol I would take number 4 off to include willow! lol

Have a wonderful Christmas

Joey xx

Lorraine A said...

oohh I don't think Debby would disqualify you for having an extra one !! ,,, :-) they are all gorgeous ,,,,
Merry Christmas xx
Lols x x x

debby4000 said...

Oh you can't eliminate any of them, they're so gorgeous, just because its you I'll let you have 6 it is Christmas after all.
I was too busy admiring them to work out you had six!
Thank you for joining in with my challenge.

Dena said...

Oh Rica! Your work is so fabulous!!!!! I was going to ask you if you are liking blue and green this year? haha! They are gorgeous though and you work with them so well. I am sooooo glad you included the white card, one of my favorites! I won't tell you one to take off, just don't take off the white one haha!
Have a very Merry Christmas and a truly wonderful New Year!!!!
Hugs, Dena

Christina C. said...

OMG, Heather, your work is unbelievably STUNNING!
WHAT A TALENT!!!! Your work is truly inspiring.
Wishing you a very merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I love all 5 !!!! Your cards are so beautiful

Hugs and a Merry Christmas

Annie said...

oh my goodness how can you eliminate one of these they are all so gorgeous.
Happy Christmas Heather and all the best for the New Year.
Ann xxx

Moni said...

My dear friend as always stunning cards, love them all. You are so talented and I wish I was like you. :)
Have a fab rest of the day. Hugs,moni

Shazza said...

oh my goodness Heather, how can I possibley choose which to eliminate- unless of course the one eliminated was to be sent to me for safekeeping lol!! Theya re all beautiful, I so wish I could produce such wonderful cards. If I was really, really pushed to choose one, I would remove the Hanglar one. big hugs

maxine said...

Beautiful cards

Julie said...

They're all fabulous Heather definite favourates every one and I see Debby is allowing you your six so I don't have to choose. Have a lovely Christmas.

Loz said...

gorgeous!! I think we all see a common in our chosen 5.. I love your blue tones! You do have two Hanglars.. so if you seriously want to remove one......
Have a fabulous Christmas and a safe and happy New year ♥

Renkata said...

well I coulden make my maind..... I think all of them are gorgeous and sweet in differend way.

Riet said...

What a wonderful cards Heather.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hugs Riet.x

Paula (PEP) said...

Think it will have to be the second one - the mousies are just brilliant, Willow is a classic, LOTV utterly English, the other hAnglar very Swedish so that sorted that.
I love the Blues.
God Jul
Enjoy the various foreign festivities.
Paula (PEP)

Barbara said...

Heather, there isn't a single card of these that I would eliminate! In fact, I would add a few more of your amazing creations! Have a very Merry Christmas! Hugs, Barb

Julie M said...

How could anyone decide on eliminating any of those, Heather - they are all divine. I love the blue theme - my favourite colour to craft with too.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Julie x

Sol said...

I couldn´t eliminate any of them! They are all lovely in their own special way! Something special with all of them... I would just select the one you made as number 6 of them... And just let the first 5 count!...

Merry Christmas Rica! :o)

Sue from Oregon said...

Loverly choices!

Solange Barreto said...

Maravilhosos cartões, estou encantada com seus trabalhos, todos belíssimos.
Feliz Ano Novo, pra você e seus familiares, Paz, Saúde e muito Amor.
Um beijo, fique com DEUS.

Sandra said...

Hello Heather!
Thanks so much for your X-mass-comment. Sorry, my PC was broken. But now I have a brand new LAPTOP and I´m very, very happy to comming back in to the blogger world.

I hope your X-mass time was very good. Love your X-mass cards!

Hugs and kisses Paula

Becky said...

Stunning-Stunning. Each and every one is gorgeous and such fabulous coloring.

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